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News and Features - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JPL's RSS feed brings you the latest press releases, feature stories and slide shows from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. JPL has explored every planet in the solar system with robotic spacecraft.
News and Features - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  1. Extreme Shrimp May Hold Clues to Alien Life

    Densely-Grouped Shrimp

    At one of the world's deepest undersea hydrothermal vents, tiny shrimp are piled on top of each other, layer upon layer, crawling on rock chimneys that spew hot water.

  2. Mars Exploration Program Director Named

    Jim Watzin, new director for NASA's Mars Exploration Program

    Jim Watzin has been named the new director for NASA's Mars Exploration Program at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

  3. NASA Issues 'Remastered' View of Jupiter's Moon Europa

    Europa's Stunning Surface

    Scientists have produced a new version of what is perhaps NASA's best view of Jupiter's ice-covered moon, Europa.

  4. Rosetta Comet Landing in 'Thud' and 3D

    This 3D image shows what it would look like to fly over the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

    The initial descent of the Rosetta mission's comet lander Philae was captured in a 3D image and in sound by instruments aboard the spacecraft.

  5. Researchers Advance 'Quantum Teleportation'

    Quantum mechanics can be confusing. This cartoon helps explain recent research

    New research from JPL could have implications for transmitting information securely, including communications between Earth and spacecraft.

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