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Debbie Mrochuk, age l3., of Winnipeg Man,, Canada for her question:

How high can a man jump on the planet pluto?

We earthlings are used to the gravity of our home planet: our muscles are built to walks rung jump and leap on its surface. The force of surface gravity is different on each of the planets and our earth trained muscles would seem to work differently. Suppose a spaceman could jump 4 feet on earth. On little mercury his earth trained muscles could leap l6 feet and on giant Jupiter only about l foot.

The planet pluto is on the outer rim of the solar system and very far from earth. If they prove true, then Pluto's  Surface Gravity:(0.06 x Earth's)   In this case an earthman could jump about twice  higher, than he can on his home planet.  The following are Pluto’s statistics

Pluto Statistics (minor planet) 

Planetary Symbol: Name in Roman/Greek Mythology: Pluto / Hades

Diameter: 2,390 km (1,485 miles)

[0.187 x Earth's] Orbital Semi-major Axis: (average distance from Sun) 39.48 AU

(Earth = 1 AU)

Mass: 12.5 x 1021 kilograms (0.0021 x Earth's)

Orbital Eccentricity: 0.2488

Density: 1,750 kg/m3 (0.317 x Earth's)

Maximum Distance from Sun: 49.31 AU ( 7.376 billion km or 4.583 billion miles )

Surface Gravity: 0.58 m/s2 (0.06 x Earth's)

Minimum Distance from Sun: 29.66 AU ( 4.437 billion km or 2.757 billion miles )

Surface Temperature: 40 to 50 K ( -233° to -223° C or -387° to -369° F )

Minimum Distance from Earth: 28.6 AU ( 4.28 billion km or 2.66 billion miles )

Tilt of Axis: 123o Orbital Inclination: (tilt of orbit plane) 17.16°

Rotation Period about Axis:(length of Pluto's day) 6.387 days (retrograde)

Revolution Period about the Sun: (length of Pluto's year) 248 years

Satellites: 3 known


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