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Thomas Tangua age 12, of Portland; Maine, for is question‑:

Where is the largest cave in the world?

Jim White was a cowboy on the rage in the southwest corner of New Mexico. One evening in 1901' he saw what he thought was a cloud of smoke pouring from the side of the Guadalupe mountains. It turned out to be a flock of bats, pouring out of their ancient caves for a nightly travel of insect hunting.

The caves are the famous Carlsbad Caverns, so far as we know the largest caves and caverns in the world. These limestone works of nature's artistry are carved out of the rock in three layers. So far, some 23 miles of tunnels, caves and caverns have been explored, and this is but a small proportion of the entire system.

Three miles of the splendid underground city have been fitted with lights and made safe for visitors. The trip through these wonders of nature takes about four hours. It takes you through vast halls and magnificent chambers. There are even lakes of crystal water. The rooms are adorned with chandeliers, pillars, columns and graceful domes ‑ all made of semi precious onyx and other beautiful stones. For not only are Carlsbad Caverns the largest known caves, they are the most spectacular.


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